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Campbell Maritime specializes in ship & barge assist, escort services & the movement of project cargo in Puget Sound & the greater Seattle markets.

The tug RubyVIII, her captain, and crew are ready to move you and your ship or barge. In addition to our towing and ship assist services, we have a variety of small to medium sized spud and ramp barges available for rent or long term lease.

Call us today for scheduling, barge rentals or project brainstorming! We are available 24 hours by phone at 206.794.0232 or 206.794.0447 during business hours.

Additional marine services are provided in conjunction with and through Northern Marine Salvage, please visit their website for more information.


The internet's been broken here at the Case de Despair for a couple weeks, so please pardon my absence. This time it really wasn't a result of my laziness and bad attitude. Or at least it wasn't solely a result of that.

The worst part of the internet, which incidentally is a series of tubes, being broken is that I was unable to watch episodes of Combat! on youtube, while drinking and yelling at the screen. That's one of my most favorite hobbies, right after drinking and yelling at the neighbors, but thankfully the internet tubes are back together now and I'm back to my normal self.

In other news,.. well now let me think, that's happened recently,.. I found a vacuum cleaner in the garbage today, that was pretty exciting. Normally when I find a vacuum in the garbage there's something really simple wrong with it. Like it needs a new belt, or there's a big wad of wolf hair stuck in the hose, something I can fix in about two shakes. This particular vacuum was an exception to the rule though, in that it was really and truly broken. No matter though, it's still full of all sorts of useful bits, so I took it back to the lab and spent part of the afternoon dismantling it. I thought it was quite a satisfying was to spend part of the day. If nothing else I honed my vacuum dis-assembling skills, and that's got to come in handy at some point. I hope.

Tomorrow we've got no fewer than two jobs lined up, and they very nearly overlap one another, but with any luck things will work out. I'm not sure what the rest of the week holds beyond tomorrow, but I suppose we'll find out before too long. You get kind of fatalistic doing this for a living, or at least I've gotten that way. Then again, maybe I was that way to start with. It's been so long now that I really can't remember. Maybe I should ask The Fair Julia, she might remember back that far, back before I was all jaded and misanthropic. Then again she might not. She's getting on in years you know, and her memory's not what it once was. Well, I'll see if I can't catch her when she's sober, (and odds are I can't), and I'll see what she says. Until next time then, Brian

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