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Campbell Maritime specializes in ship & barge assist, escort services & the movement of project cargo in Puget Sound & the greater Seattle markets.

The tug RubyVIII, her captain, and crew are ready to move you and your ship or barge. In addition to our towing and ship assist services, we have a variety of small to medium sized spud and ramp barges available for rent or long term lease.

Call us today for scheduling, barge rentals or project brainstorming! We are available 24 hours by phone at 206.794.0232 or 206.794.0447 during business hours.

Additional marine services are provided in conjunction with and through Northern Marine Salvage, please visit their website for more information.

11/17/2014-Nearly Employed 

Well we very nearly had a job this afternoon. It was on the schedule all day, but as the hour drew near for us to start the boats and get going,.. disaster struck! The yard we were headed for had another problem with a different boat, and they weren't able to finish up the one we needed to grab. Our job got pushed off to tomorrow morning as a result. Well maybe disaster is a little bit strong for that. More like a minor inconvenience really.

I had a great deal of fooling around to do on the boats though, so it's not like I wasn't able to use the time to my advantage. Actually I getting kind of sick and tired of always using time to my advantage. At what point do I just get to lay around and do nothing? I think you have to be retired for that, either that or become a hobo full time. Every year I get a little closer to retirement, and quite honestly a little closer to becoming a hobo. In a lot of ways it's kind of a race to see which one I get to first. At this point my money's on hobo, but you never know.

I built a table the other day. I'll send a photo of it along so that you might enjoy it's many table-like qualities. Ok, I'll try not to be gone so long this time, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you. Be good, Brian

Tugboat Captain:Nearly Employed


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