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Well I don't have a lot to report from today, aside that it's been raining a lot. Not that you probably needed me to tell you that. Being as I'm outside most of the time I naturally wound up soaking wet and covered with mud, but that's pretty much the natural order of things for me.

There weren't any actual boat jobs today, but we've got one tomorrow. Coupled with the two we had Monday and the one that took place Wednesday that only leaves two days this week when we didn't actually have a job. It would be better to have one every day, but this is better than not having any at all. You see, I know all this sort of high-level economics lingo due to my studies. I should probably see if I can't be appointed chairman of the Federal Reserve. I mean when you have my sort of grasp of these things that's really the next logical step.

Our job tomorrow involves taking a small crane barge to somewhere or another. I know we have to take it out of a drydock, but beyond that I'm kind of in the dark about the whole thing. It's just as well, this way I get to be kind of surprised by my day tomorrow, and who doesn't like surprises. It's like a pinata filled with deadly cobra snakes! Now that'd be surprising. You know maybe if this chairman of the Federal Reserve job doesn't pan out I could get a job planning children's birthdays. "So Mrs. Anderson, would you like go with the pony, or the venomous pinata? The pony? Well, it's up to you I guess"

Where the hell am I going to get enough cobras to stuff a pinata though? I mean I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to just keep them around, unless you're a zoo or something like that. If only I'd finished my masters in herpetology I'd have an answer to that. I only had two credits to go too, such a shame. See, I know how to throw in a big fancy word like herpetology, so I'm probably not quite as dumb as you've been told. Almost, but not quite.

That reminds me, anyone ever been to that reptile zoo up on Highway 2? I go past it all the time, and I always think I ought to stop in and visit the deadly cobra snakes, but somehow I never actually wind up doing it. Probably because whoever I happen to be with invariably goes "Eww, no, gross, I don't want to stop there" Actually that sounds a lot like the Fairest of Them All. That's just the sort of thing she'd say when presented with the chance to see some venomous cobra snakes. Remind me to invite her to my next pinata party. And remind me to blindfold her. Muaaaa ha ha ha.

Here's a photo of an aircraft carrier that went by the other day. I think it was one of ours. See you later, Brian

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