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1/8/2015-Happy New Year 

Hello everyone, how's life? I hope everyone got through the holidays with their emotions and liver intact, or if not intact at least still serviceable. As an orphan I don't actually have a whole lot going on around the holiday seasonal period, so it actually allows me to get a lot of work done. That's of course crucial to keeping things sort of running, when you generally have things breaking down twice as fast as you can fix them.

Actually for the most part things have been holding up pretty well. The 8 needs some paint, and my house has two or a hundred projects I need to get to, but generally speaking things behave pretty well. I probably shouldn't say that, watch my house explode or something this afternoon. That's all I need. I'll knock on my desk here, it's made of wood. At least I think it's wood. Looks like wood. Well it's better than not knocking at all I suppose.

So let's see,.. It's Thursday, according to Heather. We already had three boats to move this morning, and we have two more lined up for after lunch! Not too shabby for a Thursday. Actually, and sadly, that's not too shabby for an entire week. If we could just keep a little busier around here we could actually make a somewhat decent living at this. That'd be nice. We could afford to get the boats painted with non-watered down paint. I wouldn't have to buy used fruit anymore. Maybe we could even afford that operation Heather's been waiting on. Well, I guess it's free to dream about at least.

I'm trying to think of what other news I have, but it kind of makes my brain hurt. Not to mention I'm having a hell of a time typing today. You ever have one of those days when something just doesn't work right? Like you can't spell as well as normal, or you forget where your house is? That kind of thing happens to me all the time, but I usually just chalk it up to old age and the ravages of time.

Okay, well here's a photo of the Triumph underway the other day. I think it's the Triumph anyway. Well, it's probably close enough for our purposes. See you soonish, Brian

Tugboat Captain:Happy New Year


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