Campbell Maritime, Inc. - Captain's Log Entry

7/18/2007-The Foss 300 

I could have sworn it was Tuesday today, but the Fair Julia proved me wrong with her "calendar". She's got some impressive technology, there's no doubt about that. Too bad she's so spiteful and venomous most of the time.

It was a busy day here at your favorite tugboat company. We started off with a 1115 call to pick up a mudboat over at Northlake. We'd picked up that job courtesy of our pals at Western Towboat, they were too busy to get to it today, and were nice enough to throw it our way. We strongly encourage that sort of thing, as you might imagine, so we were happy to show up and handle the job.

The mudboat in question had to go to another yard up at the north end of Lake Union, where they were scheduled to meet up with the Foss 300 and have a whole new piece of their superstructure picked up and put in place. It was a pretty good sized house that they had added on, I heard from someone that it weighed 93 tons. Anyway, that's a pretty heavy pick, even for the Foss 300, so they had to get a little tricky in order to make the pick. They went alongside the dock first, and picked the new house up in the air. Then they backed out, with the house hanging in mid air, and we pulled the mud boat up to the dock. Once the mud boat was tied up then they came back alongside and got started on putting the house in place.

At that point we took off, as we had a couple of barges to pull out of drydock back at Ludd. Those went about like they always do, we got them out of the dock and alongside the pier without any undue fuss, and then headed back to our mudboat to see if they were done with the crane. When we left I'd heard that it was going to be a half hour pick, at the most. "Nonsense", I thought to myself, but being a good customer relations sort of person I didn't say that out loud. As it turns out it was more like three hours, so we had some time to kill before the 300 left and we were able to move the mudboat back to Northlake. All in all a pretty busy day.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the Bandit's wheelhouse got moved into the sheet metal shop this morning. I figured we'd better start making some progress towards getting it done, so I flagged down a passing crane first thing this morning and had them carry it over to the sheet metal shop. We should see some progress on that pretty quickly I should think. Won't be too much longer and we'll have a tugboat on our hands.

Our photo today is one I took when I stuck my head into the Foss 300 to take a photo of their draw works. Many of you may now know it, but the 300 is a steam derrick. One of the few remaining steam derricks in the country for that matter. It's immaculately maintained, so I'd imagine it'll be working for a long time to come. Anyhow, I hope you like the photo. Talk to you later, Brian